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Rental Policies and Practices



Massage Table Rentals at Different Heights


Ordering, Payment, Terms, Cancellation, Methods, Timelines

Welcome to MassageTableRentals.com, a NaperMed Company! We want to offer a few guidelines to

our rental customers. We are here to help with your event, and to provide you with high quality,

well-maintained rentals delivered on time to your venue. The following guidelines address

common questions about the rental process, and includes rental for every type of product, including

tables, chairs, chaises, stools, etc.

Service Standards at MassageTableRentals.com - MassageSupplier.com

We strive for best in class, hospitality level service, including the following support steps for your orders:

1. Timely tracking information for all shipments

2. Courier services to special locations, including indoor and outdoor venues in most US locations.  

      We also provide support to assist you with special request details when managing security at events,

      white glove setup when available, notifications, changes, handling bad weather or other problems,

      and other courier communcations and support services.

3. Multiple warehouses in the USA, which allows us to ship equipment to anywhere in the lower 48

     United States in 2-3 business days.  We ship during our regular business hours of

     8 am - 3 pm Monday - Friday.

4. Online ordering, with a history of invoices, printable PDF format invoices, tracking, and order notes

     and updates.

5. Free online quotes and rates. Use our shopping cart "Get a Quote" tool, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

     365 days per year.  We also use this tool to get you pricing when you call us to get information or place 

     a phone order.  Our website serves as our live ordering tool for both our customers and our customer

     service team.    We get up to the date rates from FedEx using our website tool, to help you save on shipping.

6. Help, using instructions on the packages and also via email, when you are ready to return your rental.  We

     often schedule pickups for the return, and can assist you with getting the boxes back into the FedEx system.  

     We will alert you if a box is not picked up, and provide a grace period whenever we can on your first late

     rental return.  It's our goal to help you achieve a smooth and successful event or rental activity, and

     impress you with our service as well as our high quality, well-maintained rental equipment.

7. A 9-point inspection and cleaning process after each rental, allowing you to trust that the equipment you

     are renting is well maintained for your event.  If you do experience a quality problem, we will do our best

     to support your needs and make it right.


When to Order – First Come, First Served

We rent on a first come, first served basis. The earlier you order, the earlier we put your order on our

warehouse calendar, and plan around it. All orders that come after yours are subject to availability,

based on the date of  your order. We do not reserve equipment for a possible order, but do reserve

equipment for a paid order. Many of our customers order weeks and months prior to the event, so

they have their order in the system and on our shipping calendar. This ensures we have the

equipment they need ready well in advance.  We do have a large stock of equipment, but it is possible

for your first choice equipment type to run out of stock. The earlier you order, the better your chances that you

will receive the equipment you prefer for your event. Keep in mind that the larger, more costly tables to rent

are also more costly to ship as you consider your event budget.  


Rental Orders placed after 12 pm Central Standard Time will be charged a Same Day Rush Fee if the order

needs same day shipping during our regular business hours 9 am - 5 pm Monday - Thursday, 9 am to 12 pm
on Fridays. 


Changes to Rental Orders 

We can accomodate changes to a rental order placed in our system before 2 pm Central Standard Time.

For an order change after 2 pm CST or an order that has already shipped you will need to use the FedEx

Special shipping services located here http://www.massagetablerentals.com/fedex-special-services.html .


If you change or correct an address that a shipment is going to after it has shipped from our warehouse, we are happy to 

order the change from FedEx.  However, once the packages are in transit, even if you are charged and pay for

the change, the guarantee that the packages will deliver on time is no longer valid.  It is FedEx's policy that a

change in address can delay a shipment 24-48 hours, and this may affect whether the equipment arrives

on time for your event.  If the equipment does not arrive in time after you make the change, we are not able to

refund any rental or shipping fees. This is because we filled the order correctly and shipped the equipment as ordered.

While we realize this may be inconvenient for our customers and do not want them to be unhappy, once we release the

shipment, we have a limited amount of control over the outcome.


If the equipment is refused at the event site, the renter will still be responsible for the shipping and rental charges.  

If you lose a box or a label provided inside the box, we can assist you with a new label, but we cannot provide

a new box.  


There are fees for shipping back without a box, detailed here: http://www.massagetablerentals.com/fedex-special-services.html .

We will provide a label for you at no charge, but keep in mind that this may delay your return and make it subject

to additional rental charges.


Cancellation Policy for Rental Orders with Delivery

Orders of 1-4 Rental Items

For orders of 1 to 4 rental items, we ship with FedEx Ground, Express our courier services.  The order

can be canceled if it has not yet shipped.  However, once the equipment is handed off to the carrier, we cannot

stop the shipment.  The equipment also needs to arrive 1-2 days prior to the rental day.  That means it will

ship 2-5 days prior to the event.  You can check the order processing notes put into every order to identify

the shipping and arrival dates planned for your rental.  Since we are not a walk-in rental service for most of

our orders, and we ship the equipment you rent, these orders cannot be canceled once they leave the warehouse.

We can work closely with you and FedEx or the courier service and plan carefully as we manage the

preparation of your order for event delivery.  We strive to deliver good service, and appreciate

your help in planning a smooth and organized delivery and return.

Orders of 5 or More Rental Items

For orders of 5 or more tables, we plan for 1 preparatory day in the warehouse, a pickup day by the carrier,

and 2-3 days in transit. The equipment also needs to arrive 1-2 days prior to the rental day for volume

orders.  For orders of 5 or more tables, please provide 7 days notice before the event date to receive

a full refund.  For advance orders of 15 or more tables, please provide 14 days notice if possible.  

Orders that are completely canceled without these notice guidelines may be subject to a

10% late cancellation fee.  Since we are not a walk-in rental service for most of our orders, and we

ship the equipment you rent, the late cancellation fees cover staff time associated with preparing to

ship and fulfill orders at the desk and at the warehouse, especially when organizing large volume orders.

We can work closely with you and FedEx or the courier service and plan carefully as we manage the

preparation of your order for event delivery.  We strive to deliver good service, and appreciate

your help in planning a smooth and organized delivery and return.


Add-On Orders - Adding More Rental Pieces to an Existing Order

Adding additional rental units to the first order is common and easy to do. We can create an add-on order for

additional equipment once your primary order is in the system.  For example, if your first order is #100000333,

we can use a later order number to add more tables to the original order number 100000333, and increase the

quantity of rental units.  You will have two invoices for your event, but the add-on order ensures you get all the

equipment you need added to an earlier paid reservation, and the warehouse preparation is already occurring.

Reducing the quantity of rental units for your order, also known as Partial Cancellation, requires notice to us

prior to shipping your order to avoid fees.  If the order ships out at the originally ordered volume, the order can

no longer be reduced.


Payment Methods and Terms

We do not ship rental orders of less than $10,000 without payment prior to the order shipping.  We can accept

a purchase order to confirm the event details, but we cannot ship the rental until the rental fees are paid. If your

order is over $10,000 and you are ordering from an estabilshed institution, we may be able to approve terms

for the rental payment.  We would need a plan for the security deposit in place as well, including the use of a

credit card, or a check for the deposit amount.  Please Contact Us if you need help with a rental order that may

be more than $10,000 in total.  


All orders are placed on our website, so the person placing the order receives an immediate record of the

order number and order details. To retrieve an invoice, simply log in to www.massagetablerentals.com and

view your order history.  Look for the button to view the order as a PDF to print your invoice.


Paying with Credit Cards

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  When using these forms of payment,

the order payment is processed live as you place your order.  If there is a problem with the payment,

the system may decline the card.  If so, please check with your card issuer (your bank) to resolve

any possible causes for the processing error.  If we can assist you, please Contact Us.


Paying with Debit Cards

We accept debit cards in our system, and they process like a regular credit card.  We cannot tell when a card

is a debit or credit card - it all looks like a credit card to us.  When using debit as your form of payment,

the order payment is processed live as you place your order.  For rental orders, that means that you will

see what looks like a charge for the rental and shipping amount, showing as a total on the bottom of the order.

You will also probably see the security deposit appear as a charge on your card.  Our system puts a hold on your

credit line for the security deposit automatically.  This is not a manual task here at MassageTableRentals.com.

Using a debit card for payment of rental orders may be inconvenient for some customers, as it ties up actual cash

for the security deposit. 


Paying by Check

If you would like to pay by check, we are happy to accept this form of payment.  Your check payment

needs to arrive before you rental order ships.  You can place the order yourself online, which helps ensure

accuracy.  Also, one of our team members can place the order via the massagetablerentals.com website.

You will receive an email copy of your order, including the address to send your payment to.  Please reference

the order number on your check.  


We strongly suggest that you provide a "backup" credit card for your file also.  This allows us to authorize the

security deposit amount against the card on file.  The credit card also provides a backup form of payment should

the check not arrive on time. You may also opt to pay the deposit with a check, which we will then deposit

here, and refund once the equipment is returned and inspected. We issue deposit refunds when the

refund was paid by check in 1-10 days after the equipment is received back and inspected by the warehouse.


Security Deposits

We use a security deposit to cover possible loss, damage or missing parts if your equipment returns

missing or broken.  We need to replace broken or missing items quickly, so we can fill other customer's

rental orders.  Security deposits are required per piece as follows:

Exam Table Rental: $100

Economy Aluminum Massage Table Rental: $250

Premium Flat Table Rental: $350

Premium Incline Table Rental: $399

Economy Massage Chair Rental: $250

Economy Massage Table Rental: $350


You may provide a check or a credit card for the security deposit.  Checks are deposited by us, and refunded 

back by check after the rental is received back and inspected.   Credit cards are authorized for the deposit

amount, and not charged unless there is loss or damage created by the renter.  Authorizations on a credit or

debit card can last from 3 to 30 days, depending on the rules of the bank that issues the card you use for payment.

Contact your issuing bank for more information about how authorizations are handled for your credit card account.

You will not be billed for any damage created by the shipping carrier.


Thank you for choosing MassageTableRentals.com! If we can help you further, please call us at

800-687-5199, or Contact Us. We look forward to working with you!


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