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Oakworks Warranty Details


•Limited Warranty is offered on all Oakworks products to the original owner as detailed in the Product Warranty document.

•Oakworks products are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and craftsmanship to the original owner.

•Warranty is limited to factory provided parts only. Replacement parts include a 90 day warranty.

•Damages caused by improper set-up, accident, abuse, use for other than intended purpose, neglect or normal wear and tear are excluded.

•Any non-factory modifications and unauthorized repairs invalidate the warranty and immediately terminate all liability by Oakworks for the product or damages caused by its use.

•Failure to follow the preventative maintenance schedule on equipment and instructions for upholstery care may void the warranty.

•For warranty related returns, Oakworks will coordinate the return shipment.


The warranty set forth herein is the sole and exclusive warranty provided by Oakworks. There are no other warranties, representations or guarantees provided by Oakworks either expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Warranty is valid with proof of purchase.

As an authorized Oakworks dealer, we are focused on helping you with this warranty as needed, and you can rely on us for any support you need to have a product issue resolved when purchasing with us!