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Handling and Returning Rental Equipment

Handling and Returning Rental Equipment           


Thanks for choosing MassageTableRentals.com for your rental! 

While we do provide instructions on the inside of each box, along with a shipping label for any piece being shipped back to us, we are also providing some useful tips to you here.  

Handling Boxes OnSite

If you use professional handlers at a hotel or venue, be sure they understand that this is rented equipment and can be damaged.  Any tears, rips, holes, or damage to the frame, legs or parts from dropping, sliding carelessly, etc. may be subject to repair fees.  The best way to avoid this is to make sure the handler understands this.

We also tag the equipment: "Please Be Gentle, It's a Rental" to help with this!  This is also explained on the orange neon label inside each shipping box.

Preparing the Tables for Return

Please clean the tables.  
Dirty tables may be subject to cleaning fees.

Zip them back into the cases.  
This protects the table during transit and keeps them tiday during the unboxing process when tables are inspected at the warehouse after every rental.  Tables should be put back into carrying cases with the handles at the top.  Please zipper the bags so the zippers meet in the middle on top, if possible.

Preparing the Boxes for Shipment via Parcel Service

Remove Return Labels First
If you are shipping the return, remember to pull the labels out of the boxes first.  If you tape them up with the labels inside, you'll have to un-tape them and redo everything.

Tape Well with Packing Tape
Please package the returning items carefully, and tape the boxes well.  Not taping each box fully creates a definate risk of damage. Improperly prepared boxes for return shipping can enable the items to slide out of the boxes, and increases your risk of damage to the vinyl, losing of x-small parts, or breakage.  This can affect your deposit on the table, so please be sure to package the items carefully.

Labeling the Boxes for Parcel Service

Label Over Top of the Old Label 
- Use our high quality thermal labels.  Each box shipped has a clear plastic sleeve inside with a brochure about us and a return label.  Use the labels found on the inside flap of each box and place it over the top of the old label that was addressed to you.  Check to be sure that the label is addressed to NaperMed, so it does not return to you again.  For your reference, the return tracking numbers are typically associated with the email address you provided for tracking, so you can check your email for return tracking updates as the packages are sent.

Lost Labels?
If you lose these labels for any reason, please contact us at 800-687-5199 for replacement labels.  New labels may be e-mailed to you. The most important thing is that the items get back to us with the least amount of stress possible to you - so let us know if we can help!

If you happen to want more information about packing and taping, the FedEx Guide for doing this is located here:http://images.fedex.com/us/services/pdf/packaging/GrlPkgGuidelines_fxcom.pdf

Getting your Packages into the FedEx System

Drop Off (Free)
You can drop your package off at any FedEx Kinkos location for free.  Ground pickups in most locations leave every day at 6 pm.   There is no charge to drop off a package.  

Find a FedEx:
* Be sure to uncheck the box for self-service, which is often only for express packages.  Our packages return via FedEx Ground.

FedEx Daily Ground Pickup Already at Event Location (Free)
Locations with a regularly scheduled daily FedEx Ground pickup can accept our boxes with the day's outgoing FedEx Ground packages.  If there are a lot of boxes, it's a good idea for someone to let the carrier know so he can have room on the truck for our large box sizes, and nothing gets left behind.  Call 800-GOFEDEX or have a hotel or event manager do so when shipping boxes back in large numbers.  

In locations without a regularly scheduled pickup, please call us to schedule your pickup for you, explained below.

Have Us Schedule Your Pickup
We can schedule a pickup for you for the FedEx pickup fee of $5 per package (with a $15 minimum), which should be done THE DAY BEFORE OR EARLIER than the actual pickup day. You may have already purchased one when you placed your order with us, and have a pickup number noted beginning with CPUxxxxxxxx. Schedule a pickup online here: https://massagetablerentals.com/schedule-fedex-pickup-1850.html

You can also call us for a pickup at any point.  If you know you will want a pickup for return, you can also let us know at the time you place your order.

Getting your Packages to the Courier (if applicable)

Chicago Warehouse Contact Information

Your Courier delivery or pickup, or your own warehouse pickup and drop off should be pre-scheduled for a specific date and time.  If picking up yourself, we schedule a 30-minite window for your pickup and drop off so warehouse staff are on hand for you rather than being out delivering a package.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us M-F between 9 am and 5 pm CST at 800-697-5199.  

Thanks again for your business!  If there is anything we can do to help, please contact us at 800-687-5199.  Have a great rental, and we look forward to working with you again soon!

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